Saad M. Naffa' Attorneys & Counselors at Law has been providing professional multi-disciplinary legal services of high standards to its distinguished clients since 1983. In addition to litigation, the Firm provides a wide range of legal expertise in the various sectors of Corporate & Commercial Law and Contracts, ADR, NGOs and Project Management Services, aid effectiveness consultations and Legal Transactions.

The Firm has leading experience in Jordan in servicing national and international non-profit and for-profit organizations/entities that work in development and humanitarian aid in Jordan. Our pool of clients includes development arms of key donor countries (including USAID, DRC and NCA) as well as International NGOs recipients of donors’ funds and contractors implementing/managing donors’ programmes. Our legal services in this regards include:

  • Structuring of companies and NGOs and procuring permits from the different official governmental departments (registration, tax exemptions, residency, etc…).
  • Providing related legal services including annual visas and work permits (for non-Jordanians).
  • Ensuring compliance with local legal framework mainly with relation to staff/employees and taxation.
  • Advising, drafting, and reviewing contracts, agreements, deeds and other legal documentation related to clients operations.
  • Providing clients with up-to-date consultation on conducting business and operations in Jordan including:
    1) revision of the legal context, and
    2) revision of the related programmatic context including local national and strategies, other ongoing and planned programmes and proposals for business plans and best approaches for implementation.
  • Participating and overseeing bids and procurements of clients as needed.
  • Representing and negotiating on behalf of clients as needed including disputes resolutions.
  • Take the initiative to update clients on key legislative developments related to their domain and legal impact thereafter.
  • Conducting legal studies and researches including those of revision of local legislation in line with international standards.
  • comprehensive revision of regulatory, institutional and operational context, local regulatory, institutional and operational context, business planning and modeling, project management and legal revisions as well as training and capacity building.
  • Attorneys at the Firm enjoy a wide range of legal and professional qualifications and experiences including litigations and arbitration, procedural follow ups, legal advocacy and representation. The Firm however has an in-house legal translator (English/Arabic) and an expert on development programs, aid effectiveness and strategic planning. Saad M. Naffa Law Firm also collaborates with international and regional law firms in the MENA region including firms in UAE, Iraq, Egypt, and Lebanon.

    Our diverse expertise enabled us to compete and win bids to provide services for important development projects in Jordan with key international clients including USAID and the WHO.

    The Firm consists of a number of legal experts and technical support staff. The Director of the Firm, Mr. Saad Naffa , had Master’s degree holder in international business law, and over 18 years of experience in specialized legal fields including Banking, Civic Rights, Labor Law and Social Security. He has a record on local and international litigation, arbitration and mediation with a number of legal precedents in his name in Jordan. Mr. Naffa is a reputable legal scholar in Jordan with a number of publications and legal researches and articles published in his name.